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Desmond Mair Insurance BrokersDesmond Mair Insurance Brokers Limited is located at 59 Hope Road, Kingston 6, and is in business to help individual and commercial customers determine which of their risks require financial protection, and to provide assistance which is above and beyond their expectations, in the event of financial, physical or personal loss. We do business on a person to person basis; this helps deliver a high level of service, customize our products to our customers’ needs, and respond faster in the event of a claim.

We believe that

  • Providing customers with products and services they value more than those of our competitors is critical to our success,
  • Talented, well-trained, committed and mutually supportive people – working to the highest standards of performance and integrity – are what make success possible,
  • The profitable growth of our business makes career opportunities and personal growth possible, and
  • Longivity is the ultimate measure of our success.

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Services List

  • General Insurance
    • Property
    • Motor
    • Marine & Aviation
    • Liability
    • Fire
    • Personal Accident
    • Group Personal Accident
  • Employee Benefits
    • Pensions
    • Group Life
    • Group Health
  • Claims Management
  • Risk Management
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